• Generally, a hump nose has a large nasal bone and the upper cartilage of nasal bridge are protruded, which is called as old witch's nose. The person with a hump nose looks old and obstinate, which make men or women desire assertive correction.
  • 1.Surgery Method
    his rhinoplasty surgery can be done under sedation anesthesia. In case of removing the hump on the bridge of the nose, the surgery can be executed in a closed approach. But in case of requiring rhinoplasty surgery of entire nose along with the shape of the tip of nose or in case of None Artificial Implant Rhinoplasty, an open approach is recommended. The hump on the nasal bone and cartilage of nasal bridge is carved out and corrected with surgical chisel. And in case that the removal of hump on nasal bridge leads to broad base and flatter nasal bridge, nasal bone which is widened through carved bone of nose will be amassed. When a patient doesn't want to sharpen his or her nose or has the natural nose higher than average nose, a hump nose can be corrected through the rhinoplasty surgery without implant.
  • 2.Point of cocoline
    Plentiful experience of surgery and knowhow enable precise Osteotomy of nasal bridge, which removes the need of implant materials to cover the part of Osteotomy. This enables rhinoplasty surgery without implant on hump nose. Our medical team has achieved the result of rhinoplasty surgery of a hump nose with very high satisfaction through precise and detailed Osteotomy and intrinsic rhinoplasty surgery of Pulling Tip Nose.
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