• Wide Alar Base : This kind of nose looks like wide or quickly flopping nostrils. The nose looks like big and image of the person looks rather like not stylish. Correction of the nose will get the result of improved slim and stylish feeling. Generally, in case of alar base wider than the distance between eyes, the surgery can be considered.
  • 1.Surgical method
    Depending on the shape and width of alar base, the method can be divided into inside incision to cut the nostril inside and stitched up and outside incision to cut outside the alar base and stitch up. Generally from the result of surgery, outside incision method is excellent but by considering various shapes and conditions of alar base, it is better to make a decision about how to conduct surgery. In case of surgery with outside incision, the stitch line is not noticeable as the incision line is put and removed along with the wrinkle of alar base.
  • 2.point of cocoline
    In case of alar reduction through outside incision method, we develop the design method to reduce alar effectively while keeping the shape of nostrils without line of incision to the outside of alar reduction. It reduce the worry of the scar by incision for alar reduction.
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