• Dragon-like Nose : It is not a medical term but it means that the bridge of nose is downward and the tip of nose is going downward and both side of nostrils looks like upward, similar to the shape of dragon's nose, which makes the shape of nose called as dragon nose.
  • 1.Surgical method
    This shape is shown with combinations of various correction methods not one method. When going upward the edge of nostrils is corrected, it is possible to be done with the change in location of cartilage of the tip of nose but in case that its effect is not good, additional correction can be done in a way of reinforcing cartilage on the edge of nostril.
  • 2.point of cocoline
    In case of dragon nose, many hospitals for rhinoplasty don't consider the case of dragon nose. Our medical team has developed and applied to various corrective ways to give more detailed result with satisfaction to patients.
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