• Low Height of Nose: The patient has the bridge of nose in a certain height on the front and side, but the line and angle connected from the bridge of nose to tip of nose are a little low and less dimensional.
  • 1. Incision of surgical method : Select open way and closed way by considering various conditions such as the shape of the nose. But in case that the surgery can be done with autologous cartilage, the open approach is considered at first. Bridge of Nose : Bridge of nose can be raised with the implant selected as suitable material by checking the shape of nose, frame and skin condition. When the patient is satisfied with his or her bridge of nose or has natural bridge of nose, the surgery can be done with autologous cartilage without implant. Tip of Nose : Make strong support to tip of nose by using the cartilage of nasal septum and the angle and height of nasal tip will be raised. In case of short amount of cartilage, ear cartilage can be used.
  • 2. Point of cocoline
    In case that natural bridge of nose is a little high or the patient is satisfied with the height of nasal bridge, the surgery can improve the dimensional condition of nose with autologous cartilage without using the implant into the bridge of nose. The tip of nose will be not influenced by the side effect on the tip of nose as the surgery always uses autologous cartilage. In case of using the implant on the nasal bridge, it is not to inject the implant into the bridge of nose but to produce tailored to the shape of nasal bridge and frame of patients, which enables the customized rhinoplasty surgery.
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