• Hanging Columella : Opposite to the retracted columella, it is like hanging bridge of nose. The entire nose looks longer, which gives the feeling of neither beautiful nor old. In some cases of injecting the implant to the tip of nose in the previous surgery, the cartilage of tip of nose is downward because of the implant, which make the bridge of nose look like long.
  • 1.Surgical method
    Both open approach and non-open approach are possible. In case of wishing to get surgery of bridge of nose, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to get corrected. In case of correction like rhinoplasty on the tip of nose, the correction can be done by moving the cartilage of the tip of nose in the direction of being short with the use of cartilage of the tip of nose. Then right correction can prevent the bridge of nose from being hung in the future.
  • 2.point of cocoline
    It is effective to correct hanging columella like retracted columella in a way of using cartilage of nasal septum. But some hospitals not using nasal septum for outpatient consulting don't explain about this part during the counseling. Our medical team carefully has conducted surgeries to make patients have more natural and beautiful nose. In case of surgical method injecting implant from the bridge of nose to the tip of nose, the weight of implant located on the tip of nose can make the height of cartilage of nasal tip lower and then the bridge of nose hanging. Our hospital makes strong support structure with cartilage of nasal septum and uses the implant on the bridge of nose. So this kind of deformity cannot be caused.
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