• Retracted Columella : The columella is retracted inward and the bridge of nose in the front or on the side cannot be shown, which looks like childlike or awkward in the feeling of tip of nose.
  • 1.Surgical method
    Both open approach and non-open approach are possible. Retracted columella can be extended through the extension technique of nasal septum by using cartilage of nasal septum. Depending on the circumstances, it can be used by adding ear cartilage.
  • 2.point of cocolline
    In case of retracted columella, extension skill of nasal septum by using the cartilage of nasal septum will have sure result but in the method of surgery, it is very difficult and it is not easy to do correction with nasal cartilage, which can be skipped during the consulting. Our medical team has carefully done the surgery with careful care to this detailed part on the nose.
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