• Snub Nose : This is the case that the nostrils are shown in the face as the tip of nose is upturned. From the past, if the nostrils are shown much, the wealth is going out. So the surgery on this kind of nose is recommended because of physiognomy as well as because of the esthetic reason.
  • 1. Incision of surgical method : By using the cartilage of nasal septum on the shape of the tip of nose upturned, the strong support structure to be created will extend the tip of nose downward. Bridge of Nose : Most of snub noses are accompanied by low bridge of nose and the implant will be injected into the bridge of nose to the level of angle and height of the tip of nose adjusted through the surgery of the tip of nose. But in case that patients are satisfied with their bridge of nose or have natural bridge of nose, the surgery can be done with autologous cartilage without implant.
  • 2. point of cocoline
    With the surgical way injecting silicon as implant to the tip of nose, Snub nose cannot be corrected rightly and as time goes by, most of cases can return to the original snub nose. But we can make patients keep the shape of nose corrected after the surgery by extending the tip of nose with autologous cartilage.
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