• Deviated Nose : In this case, the bridge of nose is not straight and bent to one side. This case is not requiring the surgery with difficulty and deviation of the nasal septum may be accompanied.
  • 1.Surgery Method
    In this case, the bridge of nose is not straight and bent to one side. Various kinds of factors can contribute to this case and perfect correction can be done with precise diagnosis and suitable surgery. In addition, this kind of deviated nose is often accompanied by the deviated nasal septum which can cause nasal congestion and the deviated nasal septum is likely to be a determining cause, which makes the correction of deviated nose necessary to correct the deviated nose and nasal congestion. So, the correction of deviated nose is said to be the operation with higher difficulty among rhinoplasty surgery.

    1. Even for the deviated nose demanding difficult surgery and Osteotomy, the surgery can be done through anesthesia based on our accumulated know-how. For the perfect correction, the surgery can be done in an open approach. In case of deviated nose : Deviated nose has various kinds of transformation, which requires the tailored Osteotomy. To do so, our medical team has developed and applied to Atypical Osteotomy to get improved result of surgery. In case of deviated bridge of nose and cartilage of nasal septum : In this case, just correction of cartilage of nasal septum can correct the deviated nose. But after separated correction of cartilage of bridge of nose and cartilage of nasal septum, rearrangement and combination can correct the deviated nose in many cases. This case can cause damage to functional part and related structure, which demands more caution. Because of this, the role of Otolaryngologist is more important in rhinoplasty surgery. In case of severe septum, the correction could be done after removing septum(Subtotal Septal Reconstruction). In case of deviated tip of nose : This case could be caused as cartilage on the tip of nose is located in an asymmetric way or the front cartilage of nasal septum could be bent. In particular, the front cartilage of nasal septum is a part of serving as the support of nose and the correction could be done perfectly through the correction and reconstruction based on advanced skill from Otorhinolaryngological knowledge. (Anterior Septoplasty & Reconstruction)
  • 2. Point of Cocoline
    The surgery can be done by considering the functions along with esthetic part for various kinds of deviated nose based on otorhinolaryngological knowledge. Based on accumulated experience and technical knowhow, we have developed and transformed various method of surgery like Atypical Osteotomy and Septal Reconstruction to give the best result for deviated nose caused by complicated reason. Based on plentiful clinical experience, complicated surgery of deviated nose can be done with anesthesia and patients can have a surgery while sleeping comfortably and after awakening from the anesthesia, patients have no need to experience various symptoms like nausea and dizziness from anaesthetic gases.
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